Dragon King's Daughter : Asian Fusion Cuisine : Louisville, KY & New Albany, IN

"This sushi spot is top drawer delicious..."

It's the kind of place that hypnotizes you and makes you fall in love with Louisville

Gary Logan Hobdy / Urban Spoon

Fusion Tacos Fusion Sushi

…as vivid, imaginative and well executed as you’d expect. The Dragon King’s Daughter menu recapitulates some of the ideas Masabuchi has explored over the years at Maido. A few items are exact replicas: the hand-rolled Citrus Heat sushi roll, constructed of red tuna, jalapenos, roasted red pepper and shaved limes or There Went Drew, made with grilled salmon, cream cheese and avocado.

But in general, Dragon King’s Daughter explores new territory, in presentation, if not in flavors and textures. In addition to appetizers and sushi rolls, a couple of menu pages are given over to flatbread pizzas and tacos that fuse Asian and Western ideas in delightful ways.

Written by Marty Rosen
Special to The Courier-Journal