Louisville Menu


Dish has vegetarian-friendly options.

Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase the risk of food-borne illness.

Please inform your server of any food allergy. We try our best, but we cannot guarantee that food allergens will not be transferred by accidental cross-contact.

Our kitchen operates with a common fryer in which poultry, meat, seafood, & vegetables are cooked.



Iced Tea |2|

Sweet or Un-sweet

Fountain Soda |3|

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Seagram’s Ginger Ale, Fanta Orange,

Minute Made Lemonade, & Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch

Hot Tea Pot|3|

Ask server about available flavors. No refills. Add honey or agave +$.50



Lemongrass Miso Soup  |4| レモングラス味噌汁

White miso, coconut milk, lemongrass, tofu, shiitake mushroom, & carrot. Served with crunchy wonton strips & cilantro.

Small Salad |5|小さいサラダ

Spring mix, tomato, red onion, & avocado. Served with our ginger dressing or yuzu-miso dressing.

Seaweed Salad |5|海藻サラダ

Assorted seaweed with toasted sesame seed in a sesame oil dressing.

Kimchi |5|自家製キムチ

House-made. Napa cabbage, green onion, & carrot.

Edamame |5|枝豆

Boiled soy beans with your choice of salt or sautéed with garlic butter, habanero, or ginger sauce.

Ginger Salsa |6|  ジンジャー サルサ

House-made ginger salsa. Served with corn tortilla chips.


Tuna Tataki |15|

Slightly Seared Ahi tuna served with cilantro, fresh jalapeño, spring mix, avocado, sea salt, & avocado wasabi.

Sashimi Yukhoe |12|刺身のユッケ風

Diced red tuna, salmon, & escolar tossed with sesame seeds in a spicy miso sauce. Served with shredded daikon, shiso, quail egg, & a side of crispy wonton chips.

Veggie Gyoza |6|野菜の揚げ餃子

Fried vegetable-filled pot stickers. Served with our house-made spinach vinaigrette, spicy mustard, & chili oil. (7 pcs)

Stuffed Wontons |8| 揚げワンタン

Fresh jalapeño, cream cheese, & kanpyo. Fried & served with sweet chili sauce. (6 pcs)

Mexican Wings |10| 骨なしチキン メキシカンスタイル

Deep-fried chicken wings or tempura cauliflower tossed in our spicy Mexican miso sauce. Topped with shiso, sesame seeds, crema fresca, & a touch of yuzu. (5 pcs)

Sweet & Spicy Wings |10|

Deep-fried chicken wings tossed in a sweet & spicy mango-sriracha sauce. Topped with shiso & sesame seeds. (5 pcs)

Daikon Fries |7|大根フライ

Crispy daikon fries. Served with curry-honey mayo.

Chicken Katsu |10|チキンカツスティック

Strips of crispy panko-breaded chicken breast. Sprinkled with Cotija & served with a tamari-tomato sauce.

Nachos |8|ナチョス

Queso blanco over freshly fried corn tortilla chips. Topped with tomato, red onion, jalapeño, & cilantro. Add ginger chicken +$4.00, pulled pork with pickled red onion +$4.00, or spicy tofu +3.00

Pork Steamed Buns |9|  煮豚まんじゅう

Beer-braised pork. Served on steamed buns with habanero mayo, shiso, & pickled red onion. (2 pcs)

Sweet & Spicy Veggie Buns |10

Tempura cauliflower tossed in a mango-habanero sauce. Served on steam buns with daikon slaw & shiso. (2 per order)

Japan Fried Tofu|9| 

Tofu lightly fried in ginger batter. Served on an Asian slaw. Drizzled with yuzu-miso dressing.

Hamachi Kama |12| はまちのカマ

Broiled hamachi collar. Served with ponzu.

Please allow for a longer cook time. Limited availability.

TACOS  タコス Served on 3 corn tortillas. Subsitute Rice +$2.00

Stir-Fry Vegetable |8|野菜炒め

Tofu, carrot, bean sprout, cabbage, red onion, edamame, & spinach sautéed in ginger sauce.

Shrimp Tempura |12|エビの天ぷら

Tempura-fried shrimp over spring mix. Topped with avocado, tomato, & jalapeño jam.

Kimchi BBQ Beef |12|焼肉とキムチ

Beef sautéed with kimchi in an Asian BBQ sauce. Served over spring mix. Topped with cilantro & Kewpie.

Teriyaki Chicken |10|照り焼きチキン

Chicken breast sautéed with baby spinach in an orange-teriyaki sauce. Topped with tomato & habanero mayo.

QUESADILLAS ケサディーヤ  Provolone & Mozzarella in a 10” flour Tortilla

Asian Eggplant |10| 味噌ナス

Flash-fried Asian eggplant with red miso sauce & shiso.

Spicy Chicken |11|辛味噌チキン

Chicken breast sautéed in a spicy Mexican miso sauce with jalapeño & cilantro. Drizzled with crema fresca.

Chicken Katsu |11|チキンカツ ペストソース

Crispy panko-breaded chicken breast with wasabi pesto.

BBQ Beef |11|焼肉

Beef sautéed in our Asian BBQ sauce with jalapeño, cilantro, & Kewpie.

BIBIMBAPS 石焼ビビンバ  Served over white rice in a sizzling hot stone bowl

BBQ Stir-Fry Veggies |12|野菜炒め 焼肉のたれ

Stir-fried carrot, bean sprout, red onion, cabbage, edamame, & spinach in an Asian BBQ sauce. Topped with a fried egg, spicy Mexican miso sauce, nori, & green onion.

Al Pastor |15|アルパストール

Pork sautéed with our spicy Mexican miso sauce, pineapple, & red onion. Topped with a fried egg, cilantro, crema fresca, & lime.

Esquites |13|バターコーン

Corn, black bean, avocado, & fresh mozzarella sautéed with butter & soy sauce. Topped with Kewpie, shichimi, fresh jalapeño, jalapeño jam, Cotija, & lime.

Seafood Curry |16|シーフードカレー

Sautéed shrimp & scallop in a Japanese curry. Topped with melted mozzarella.

Add: Beef, Chicken, Pork, or Shrimp +$4.00, Tofu +$2.00, Fried Egg +$2.00


Big Salad |14|大きいサラダ

Spring mix, tomato, avocado, edamame, & red onion. Your choice of ginger dressing or yuzu-miso dressing. Your choice of ginger chicken, chicken katsu, or Japan Fried Tofu.

Sashimi Salad |18|刺身サラダ

Ahi tuna, salmon, & escolar. Spring mix, romaine, avocado, & red onion. Topped with garlic chips & tamari mayo.


Red Tuna Sashimi |9| Nigiri |7|マグロ

Salmon Sashimi |9| Nigiri |7|サーモン

Toro Salmon Sashimi |10| Nigiri |8|とろサーモン

Escolar Sashimi|9| Nigiri |7|エスカラー

Scallop Sashimi|10| Nigiri|10|ほたて

Hamachi Sashimi|10| Nigiri |8|はまち

Unagi Sashimi|9|Nigiri |7|うなぎ

Avocado Sashimi|4| Nigiri|4|アボカド

ADD: Ponzu or Tamari +$.50


The Hawk |15|

Salmon & spicy crab inside. Escolar & hamachi outside. Served on a fiery drizzle.

Son of Jade |14|

Red tuna inside. Salmon & avocado outside.

Frosty Sunbeam |11|

Mango & cream cheese inside. Salmon & avocado outside.

Citrus Heat |13|

Diced red tuna, jalapeño, & hot sauce inside. Roasted red pepper & thinly-sliced lime outside. Drizzled with Kewpie.

The Patsy Stone Roll |15|

Kanikama, cucumber, & avocado inside. Red tuna, escolar, & salmon outside.

Chupacabra Roll |13|

Spicy crab & cream cheese inside. Salmon, basil, & cocktail shrimp outside.

Spicy Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, or Escolar |9|

Sabor con Fuego |9|

Diced red tuna, jalapeño, & hot sauce inside. Topped with a fiery drizzle.

The Kraken Attacks |15|

Red tuna, avocado, & hot sauce inside. Escolar & unagi outside.

Screaming Baby |14|

Scallop, cucumber, jalapeño, & hot sauce inside. Hamachi & avocado outside.

Hoosier Momma |15|

Escolar & avocado inside. Toro salmon & scallop outside. Torched & drizzled with chili oil.

Sushi & the Banshees |11|

Avocado, cream cheese, & roasted garlic inside. Salmon & basil outside.

Black Widow |14|

Deep-fried soft shell crab, spicy mayo, & green onion inside. Diced red tuna, jalapeño, & hot sauce outside. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

Dipity |12|

Spicy crab & roasted garlic inside. Salmon & avocado outside.

My Neighbor Toto Toro |13|

Red tuna slow cooked in a ginger-garlic soy sauce tossed in mayo & sesame seeds inside. Torched toro salmon & escolar outside.

Skinny Salmon |11|

Crispy salmon skin, cucumber, & cilantro inside. Torched toro salmon, cream cheese, & habanero mayo outside.


Dragon King’s Daughter |15|

Shrimp tempura inside. Avocado & unagi outside. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

Crunchy Munchy Lobster |9|

Lobster salad inside. Topped with crunchy tempura flakes.

Ballin’ Out of Crunch Roll |14|

Shrimp tempura & cream cheese inside. Spicy crab, honey-wasabi, unagi sauce, & crunchy tempura flakes outside.

Momma Ain’t Right! |12|

Shrimp tempura inside. Lobster salad outside. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

Selfish Shellfish |12|

Cocktail shrimp, cilantro, & avocado inside. Lobster salad & thinly-sliced lime outside. Drizzled with Kewpie.

Dragon Roll |11|

Unagi & avocado inside. Sliced avocado outside. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

Swanson Roll |11|

Bacon, spicy shrimp, cream cheese, & roasted garlic inside. Tempura-fried & drizzled with spicy mayo.

Ace Roll |9|

Grilled salmon, cucumber, & avocado inside.

The Indulgent |9|

Spicy crab, cream cheese, & avocado inside. Tempura-fried.

Shrimp Tempura Roll |9|

Shrimp tempura & spring mix inside. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

There Went Drew |10|

Salmon, cream cheese, kanikama, & avocado inside. Tempura-fried.

California Roll |8|

Kanikama, cucumber, & avocado inside.

Spider Roll |11|

Deep-fried soft shell crab inside. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

Crunch Time |11|

Asparagus tempura & cream cheese inside. Spicy crab, crunchy tempura flakes, & unagi sauce outside.

Italian Picnic |11|

Asparagus tempura inside. Prosciutto & basil outside. Topped with Kewpie & roasted pine nuts.

Spicy Crab |7|

Kanikama, mayo, & hot sauce inside.

Osaka Blue |9|

Red tuna slow cooked in a ginger-garlic soy sauce tossed in mayo & sesame seeds inside.

Dragon Breathing Fire |10|

Osaka Blue, roasted red pepper, & avocado inside. Topped with a fiery drizzle.


Buffaroll |8|

Fresh mozzarella, cucumber, & avocado inside.

Coco Caliente |10|

Spicy tofu & roasted garlic inside. Roasted red pepper & thinly-sliced lime outside. Served on a fiery drizzle.

Avocado Tempura Roll |10|

Avocado tempura inside. Crushed walnuts & mango-chili sauce outside.

Spicy Tofu |9|

Tofu, hot sauce, & vegenaise inside. Sliced avocado outside.

Supercali… |9|

Spicy tofu, cream cheese, & jalapeño inside. Tempura-fried.

Tofoo Fighters |11|

Asparagus, avocado, & cucumber inside. Spicy tofu, garlic chips, & hot sauce outside.

Summer Salad Roll |9|

Fresh mozzarella, spring mix, red onion, avocado, cucumber, & cilantro inside. Drizzled with spicy mayo.

Vegetable Roll |8|

Cucumber, avocado, kanpyo, shibazuke, & takuwan inside.

The Mad Max |10|

Asparagus tempura & hot sauce inside. Basil & torched cream cheese outside.

Mantis Roll |9|

Asparagus tempura & cream cheese inside.

It Came From The Deep |11|

Takuwan, cucumber, & avocado inside. Seaweed salad & hot sauce outside.

Cucumber, Kanpyo, Asparagus, or Takuwan |4|

Avocado |6|


Banana Pudding Wontons|10|

Caramelized banana, cream cheese, & vanilla wafer. Topped with caramel & cinnamon sugar walnuts. Served with vanilla ice cream.

Oreo Roll|8|

Oreo cookie crumbles with cream cheese in a soy wrapper. Tempura-fried.

Fried Candy Bar  |8|

Tempura-fried Snickers or Twix. Served with vanilla ice cream.